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Welcome to Roots Church! Our desire is to be a local church where people can come in and learn about Jesus in a way that is impactful and life changing. We are part of a small, relational network of churches who encourage and build each other up, and plant healthy, local churches in other cities.


Roots Church is the fifth church plant out of Blue Sky Church in Bellevue, Washington, but our story began long before that.


In 1995, a group of six people started a small local church, Vine Church, on the Southern Illinois University campus, with a heart of reaching college students and young adults. Even back then, this group of people had already felt like God was calling them to eventually plant a church in Taiwan. The vision they saw was of a large cross raised over the central mountains of Taiwan, and the promise they heard was, “a new sun shall rise over Taiwan." Through the years, the vision and promise remained just that: a promise. But over the next 23 years or so, this tiny church grew, planting almost 20 churches in the United States – one of which is Blue Sky Church in Bellevue.


At the end of 2018, and after much prayer, more than 45 adults and kids (with none of the original six from Vine Church) moved from Seattle to Taipei to help start Roots Church 根源教會. At Roots, we believe that we were given new lives by God; and we live to honor Him by obeying Him and living for a purpose greater than ourselves, even if that includes moving across the world. Our vision is to be a church that makes disciples for Jesus and plants many healthy, local churches in Taiwan and beyond.


At Roots, we want everyone to be deeply rooted in the community and invested in the relationships here. We also want to be grounded in the truth of the Bible and in the source of our hope, that is, Jesus. That is why the Chinese name for the church is 根源; Jesus is the source of our hope, joy, and purpose.



The church plant team in Bellevue, Washington before leaving to plant Roots Church.

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