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Coronavirus Health & Safety Statement

LAST UPDATED: August 5, 2021


Dear All, 


We have exciting news! In light of the recent CECC change to Level 2 and the continued improvement of the COVID situation in Taiwan, Roots Church will be planning to reopen in-person Sunday services with limited capacity on Sunday August 15th. Following CECC guidelines, Roots Church indoor gatherings will be strictly limited to 50 people per service while adhering to the ongoing public COVID safety measures - CDC name registration system (QR Code),  temperature check, wearing masks, social distancing, alcohol sanitizing. 

NOTE: Schedule and details subject to change based on the situation and guideline updates from the CECC


CECC indoor gathering guidelines referenced here:


Due to the CECC participant registration requirement and limited capacity for indoor gatherings, there will be an open online preregistration required to join in-person service each week. As we begin to open, we understand that not everyone will be able to join in-person due to the capacity constraints or personal difficulties. Live online service streamed over YouTube will continue to be available.


Kids Program: Kid's program will continue to be hosted online at this time. We will announce further details for reopening in-person kid's program in the future as restrictions lift.


For individuals wanting to attend in-person services, the following is required:

  1. Attendance Registration: Online preregistration sign-ups will be required prior to attending service on 

    • Each individual must register - 1 entry per person

    • Registration will be open each week starting the Monday until registration is full (EX: Online registration opens 8/9, for 8/15 service) 

    • Individuals cannot participate in-person without registering online

  2. Sunday Check-in Process: 

    • Arrival/Check-in with the 1F Greeter to confirm each name on the registration list

    • CDC Name Registration System (實聯制 QR code must be scanned and registered through their phone at check-in

    • Receive temperature check, symptom check, and sanitize hands before taking elevator to the 9F Auditorium 

  3. Mask Adherence: Masks are kept on at all times, but may be temporarily removed to drink water, then promptly re-masked after

  4. Sanitizing Policy: Alcohol spray will be provided for your safety and convenience; auditorium seats will be sterilized with alcohol before and after each service; 

  5. Social Distance: Each participant must maintain social distancing of 1.5M 

  6. Seating Policy: To maintain social distance, individuals will be seated and must stay in a checkerboard arrangement in the 9F Auditorium during service

We thank you for your patience and cooperation in helping us maintain a safe environment as we look forward to gathering together again at Roots Church! 


Thank you!

LAST UPDATED: May 14, 2021


Dear Roots Church, 


Due to the increased local transmission of COVID-19, the Tianmu Economic Building Management (天母經貿大樓) has required all tenants to cancel large gatherings.


As such, Roots Church will cancel in-person services and activities until June 8th. We will be transitioning to online church starting this Sunday, May 16th, and resume in-person service on June 13th. 


Please visit our website for more service details. 


Thank you!

LAST UPDATED: May 12, 2021


Dear Roots Church,

Due to the recent local transmissions of COVID-19, the Taiwan CDC is recommending that all indoor gatherings exceeding 100 people be cancelled until June 8th. 

Roots Church is aware of the recent mandate and attendance restriction, and will continue to comply with the CDC guidelines.

In the recent months, our average per service attendance has been in the mid-80’s, which keeps us in compliance with the CDC mandate. We will continue to meet on Sundays as we keep up with the preventive measures we practice each week: wearing of masks and the visitor check-in process (temperature/symptom check, travel check).

However, there will be some slight changes. Until further notice from the CDC, please make note of the following changes if you plan to attend Sunday service:

  1. Please do not bring or consume food or drinks in the 9F Auditorium or 8F Kids Space.

  2. Due to the new attendance restriction, there may be a possibility you may be turned away if we approach the attendance limit.

We will notify you pending further development of the situation.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. 

LAST UPDATED: March 11, 2021

Dear Roots Church,

In the midst of the widespread coverage of the news on the coronavirus and with our collective sense of anxiousness and uncertainty ratcheted up with every additional confirmed case reported, we want to keep you informed of what is happening at Roots Church.

First of all, the Bible reminds the Christians, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” (Phil4:6-7) Our peace does not come from assurance that our faith makes us immune from the coronavirus, or that our efforts of infection control will guarantee that we won’t get sick. Rather, our peace comes from our God, Jesus Christ, who is before all things, and in whom all things hold together. That means he sustains us and keeps us in his hands, come what may. “And this is the will of him who sent me, that I should lose nothing of all that he has given me, but raise it up on the last day.” (Jn6:39)

That said, Roots Church will continue to hold public services unless recommended otherwise by Taipei City or the national government. However, we want to be as wise as serpents, and exercise our wisdom in making Roots Church a safe environment for worship. Below are precautions we have implemented:

Sunday Services:

  1. We request that if you, or those living with you, have recently returned from traveling abroad to not come to Sunday service until you have completed the 2-week self-management as required by the CDC. 

  2. Everyone entering the building is required to undergo a forehead temperature screening and asked to wash hands with alcohol hand sanitizer, which is provided in the first floor lobby.

  3. Anyone whose temperature registers above 37.5C will be asked to not enter the building, please return home and monitor your symptoms.

  4. When attending Sunday service at Roots Church, please wear a face mask and avoid handshakes or hugs to protect yourself and others.

  5. We understand some may be at higher risk of infection due to various underlying conditions and avoid gathering in public places. Roots Church will provide sermon audio for anyone who will be helped by this during this time.

  6. If you or your children experience any cold or flu-like symptoms such as: fever, cough, difficulty breathing, sore throat or other symptoms, please do not attend church. Contact your healthcare provider, drink lots of fluid, and rest.

  7. We will follow any guidelines are established by the CDC and City of Taipei.

Kids Program:

  1. The Kids Space will undergo a monthly process of disinfecting the entire facility during the peak period of virus spread.

  2. Kids Program teachers are instructed to put face masks on any child who displays cold-like symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, etc.

  3. Snacks will not be provided during Kids Program at this time; kids will receive a snack on their way out to enjoy at home.

  4. In between services, the classrooms will be wiped down with disinfectant wipes.

  5. In the mean time, please continue to practice good personal hygiene: wash hands often and thoroughly with soap and water, cover your cough/sneezes, and as best you can, avoid touching your face.

All best,
Nelson Liu

Lead Pastor

For further information please visit: 

Taiwan CDC
Taipei City, Department of Health

Self-Health Management Form

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