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Membership Bible TraininG

Membership Bible Training (MBT) is a 7-week series, held one night per week, to help you to grow in your understanding of the Bible and basic Christian beliefs. It is also a part of our membership process.

We will work through the book, "Christian Beliefs" together, which—along with bookmarks containing the reading schedule—will be made available at Roots on Sunday mornings for several weeks leading up to the training.

This year, MBT will be held every Friday from April 14 to May 26, 2023 from 7:30 to 9:30 PM. 

I’ve started the training but have not finished:

What if I don't know which sessions I missed?

If you would like to request information regarding which session(s) you need to make up, you can e-mail


Can I take it again?

Absolutely! It never hurts to review our foundational Christian beliefs, just be sure to bring your book from last time.

This is my first time taking the training:

Can I take it if I am not in a small group?

The Membership Bible Training is offered to those who are attending or just beginning to attend a small group. For those not yet in a small group, the Roots Series is a great place to start.


Can I take it if I can't make all the sessions?

Yes, although completing all of the sessions is a requirement for membership.


If I miss a session, do I have to wait until next year to complete the training?

If you miss 2 or fewer sessions, you have the option to complete the training by requesting the audio for those sessions. The audio will be made available at the conclusion of the training.

Do I have to take the Roots Series and the Membership Bible Training in any particular order?

No, you may take this training before or after taking the Roots Series; there is no particular order.


Do I have to become a member if I complete the training?

While this is part of our membership process, it also serves as a great in-depth look on Bible beliefs. It is not required that you become a member after taking it.


What is required to become a member?

Our membership process includes: completing the Roots Series and the Membership Bible Training, and agreeing to the other requirements listed on the membership form.


Is childcare provided?

Yes, there will be a fun and safe childcare program provided with snacks at no cost.


Do I need to eat dinner before I come?

There will be a light dinner, coffee and tea provided at the training.


Will Friday night groups be meeting during the training?

Each group will continue to meet that month, either at the Membership Bible Training or for group at their regular location and time. Contact your group leader for specific details.


Will small groups on other nights be meeting?

Yes, all other small groups will be meeting during this training.


Do I have to attend both small group & the training?

No. Though some might have the flexibility in their schedules to do both, it is not required to attend small group and the training at the same time.

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